YouthStart - Belgium

YouthStart encourages young people through entrepreneurship education. Each young person develops a business plan of their liking and presents it on the “competition day”. Throughout this process, each young person acquires business knowledge and skills “hands-on” in an enjoyable, lively way. In the end, it’s about their dream (dream business to be specific), which they can turn into reality during the course. We also focus on developing their personal skills based on self-understanding and self-respect.


Our training courses are taught in an exceptional way and organised by extremely motivated trainers. Experienced trainers from the business world who want to share their knowledge, experience and passion with young people. YouthStart trainers are carefully selected and trained. They are energetic and passionate, and have an affi nity for today’s youth.

YouthStart works together with various organisations who work with young people and young adults seeking opportunities. Building a bridge between young people seeking opportunities, social organisations and the business world is very important to us. We do this first and foremost through the business-oriented approach of our trainers, as well as through the cooperation of our business partners, who give guest lectures, organise business plan competitions and have their personnel involved as business plan jury members. This allows us to work in an integrated way with various organisations, which means that young peoples’ chances of finding their professional pathway are increased.