Foróige - Ireland

Foróige NFTE is committed to changing the lives of young people in disadvantaged communities by enabling them to develop core skills in business and enterprise, and in doing so help them to unlock their individual talents and potential. Foróige NFTE operates in-school and out-of-school programmes, both of which have been shown to be successful in increasing school completion and college attendance rates.  Involvement in the NFTE programme has been shown to improve the business, academic and life skills of young people.

The programme involves young people from 12 to 18 years of age both in schools and community based youth centres throughout Ireland. The programme runs from September to May. In order to equip new teachers/youth workers with the necessary skills and resources to successfully deliver the programme directly to young people, they must attend a two day training which usually takes place in the late Summer or early Autumn.

Trained Teachers and Youth Workers are provided with a facilitator’s NFTE manual which is customised for Ireland. All participants in the programme are provided with a NFTE Workbook which aids them as they progress through the programme. Also, participants are expected to develop a business plan, set up and operate their business and trade as part of the Foróige NFTE learning experience.