NTYE’s 5 Day Young Entrepreneurs Programme covers business, entrepreneurship and personal development for young people of ages 13-18year olds. The programme is run over 5 days and students are expected to work 7 hours a day.  The Programme can be delivered on 5 consecutive days or over 5 Saturdays.

Each day will be intense and students face real business issues and challenges.  The programme is specifically designed to nurture a young person's entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, risk-taking, confidence and teamwork. The Programme also aims to raise greater self-awareness and an understanding of how behaviour impacts on actions and results.  It helps young people to take responsibility and ownership for their actions.

We invite students from two or more schools in the local area – we believe it is important to create student and school cohesion. 

Set in a business context and environment, using local business premises, students are expected to conduct themselves professionally, with maturity, respect and within clear and defined boundaries. They have the opportunity to work to business hours, pressures and expectations, but also to challenge their thinking, behaviour and attitude to the world of work.  

Up to 45 students, from these schools in the same area are invited to take part in the programme.  The students are put in to teams (a mix of schools) to encourage school & student cohesion. They work in teams, create, design, develop a new business venture and pitch their idea to a panel of business people on day five; their business plan will have to incorporate market research, finance, marketing, sales and operations.  Each day covers key areas of personal development and business planning including group discussions, games, practical activities, role-play and peer coaching.

Business Professionals are invited to enhance the learning, present workshops and share their experience with the students.  We also invite local businesses to take part as judges on the final day and to take part in a networking session to meet the young people of their borough.

We invite older students or previous NTYE students to take on the role of Student Mentors.  This is an opportunity for students to continue taking responsibility for their own personal development.  This provides real evidence to support their CV and demonstrate a commitment to learning and provides work experience.