Valentin Theodor Mayerhofer

The first time I got in contact with IFTE and Entrepreneurship was in 2008 when I entered a Secondary Business College in Vienna, the „Schumpeter Handelsakademie". Johannes Lindner became not only my teacher in several subjects, but was also our head teacher. 2013 I graduated and became part of IFTE. Since then I worked in different projects and events fostering Entrepreneurship Education in Austria. In 2014 I began to study Entrepreneurship and International Management at the University of Liechtenstein.

For me, Entrepreneurship is about changing the world, making life a little bit better and following your passions and dreams. Entrepreneurship enables you to become a Changemaker, no matter where you are and what you are doing. A lot of students (but also adults) have innovative ideas, but don’t have the self-confidence to execute it. And that’s exactly where Entrepreneurship Education comes in. It gives you the tools, the right mindset and skills to generate ideas, accumulate resources and execute your plans.

One of my biggest achievements has been winning the European NFTE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the second place in the National Entrepreneurship Championship. Additionally I was invited to be speaker at different events, e.g. the OEAD „New Skills”-Conference or the Entrepreneurship Summit in Vienna and Berlin. But often there are some little moments and experiences which motivates me the most to live my dream – an inspirational chat with some other Entrepreneurs or a challenging workshop with students.