Bas Kohnke

My name is Bas Kohnke (27). I founded Impraise in late 2013 with Steffen Maier (26), Filipe Dobreira (24) and Arnaud Camus (23). With Impraise we help (young) professionals to improve their performance at work by enabling real-time feedback from colleagues in a very easy and fun way.

One of the reasons we exist is because the career expectations of the new generations (Gen-Y and Millenials: everyone younger than 35 years old today) that are joining the market are different from any generation before. Where status, money and security were originally the main drivers for the older generations; the new generations are driven by continuous (real-time) learning, making an impact and pursuing our passion. 

On the other side, the environment has changed as everyone is now connected (Internet), you can start a company from your bedroom (for instance a webshop) and failing is more accepted (entrepreneurs also sometimes fail). 

These two ingredients make that it’s in my opinion the right timing to teach young and old about entrepreneurship. It’s essential as entrepreneurship drives innovation. It creates new solutions for challenges we are facing and (often) makes the world a better place.